Here you can find the answers on most FAQs. If your question is not covered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

In most cases this is caused by “you did not decompress” the downloaded file. You might be able to open and see the files, but the links will not work correctly. On some older iPad’s or iPhone’s it depends on what Apps you are using.

Yes, you can print all of our manuals in high quality at any time you want. We usually print only what we need to complete the job.

Yes you can – as a matter of fact you should make a backup copy, and keep it save on another Storage Device like/PC/DVD/Cloud to name just a view. We are not responsible if you delete it, lost your phone, had your tablet stolen, or your computer hard drive crashed.

You do need the latest Adobe Reader installed in order to view and work with the Manual correctly. You can download this program FREE at the Adobe website. Please also make sure that Adobe Reader is set as the “Default” program to open PDF files.

Some yes, some no. We can only guaranty the Manual to work with Adobe Reader. It is the best and also FREE Program there is.

This is how the OEM Factory Service Manuals and Electrical Diagnostics Manuals from 2001-2007 were designed. Simply open the file called MAINTOC.pdf (which is the Table of Content), and from there you can navigate forwards and backwards to any part of the Manual. All files need to remain within the same folder, exactly as it was unzipped. These Manuals are completely linked, and allow you to jump from where you are to any related section, you might need. The links are usually displayed in blue color. In order to make this work, the Manuals had to be designed that way.

Unfortunately we can’t offer Refunds. We know our Manuals work 100%, and as soon as you downloaded the file, we see our little business as finalized. Our Store software indicates exactly if and how many times you did download the purchased Manual. Also your IP address is recorded, to avoid fraudulent purchases using PayPal’s system. These is done solely to protect and warrant a save online experience. However, we will always work with you, if you should face any difficulties in handling the Manual. Please allow 24 hours due to the many different locations and the time difference, which might be between us.

Actually not if you don’t want to. However, your email address MUST be correct. This is important in case you need our Support. If your email address is fictive or miss-typed we can’t contact you in any way. We are clearly NOT selling our clients data, nor do we share them in any way.

Unfortunately NOT at this time. However, you can and should use PayPal in connection with your credit card. This way all your confident data stays with you, because PayPal does not pass this information to us at any time.

At this time we can accept only PayPal. It’s by far the safest online system there is right now.

Our Store is open 24/7 but because we are still humans, we have a normal working schedule, and also some off time during weekends. On top of that we are going to some Bike Events and are riding our Harley’s. Usually an iPad is with us on the road, and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Please understand that there can be a bigger time difference between your location and ours, and we need to rest as well as you do.

We believe that our Manuals are well priced anyway. However, if you plan to purchase a bigger amount we can always chat about a small discount. We do have many Repair shop clients, and are prepared to setup an automatic discount of 10% for every purchase. Please understand that a minimum of US$ 200 needs to be purchased before we can do that. If your first order exceeds US$ 200 we are happy to refund 10% to you and directly set your account on the automatic discount.

We don’t send the purchased Manual/s to you, because our system is fully automated. This means, that you can download your Manual directly after payment has been completed. Your Download link/s can be found in the account you did setup in the first place.

The normal time frame to make your download is 10 attempts within 10 days. However, if this is not enough for some reason, simply let us know and we can extend this period or the download attempts. This can happen if your Internet speed is not very good, and/or your download has been interrupted for some reason. Please note that for technical reasons, we can’t extend downloads older than 3 months after purchase. It’s your responsibility to keep your manual save, and store a backup copy.

All Manuals are PDF files or HTML files, and they are in many cases compressed in so called ZIP files. Simply decompress (unzip) the file and you are ready to go.

This means that the download has not been completed at 100%, and as such can’t be de-compressed successfully. Simply download the file again.

Some of these devices can cause errors, for different reasons, while most don’t. If this is the case, simply download to any normal PC, Laptop or Mac (we strongly recommend this anyway), and transfer the decompressed file to the Tablet and/or Smartphone afterwards. I personally use Dropbox on my iPhone and on my older iPad, and have full functionality of all embedded links and bookmarks. There are many other options, so the choice is yours. We do not know how how each of them work, but we tried Adobe Document Cloud, MS One Drive, and they work perfectly as well.

All of our Manuals have been tested, and do work 100%. If there is any other issue not covered by this little guide, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and within 24 hours we will get back to you, and work out any possible issue you might face. Please always let us know what system you are using, and also check your firewall or antivirus settings, which might cause the error.